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Trinity Church LED Display Installed By Texas Custom Signs

Church Signs

Institutions of faith are an important part of communities and lives in our society and like most establishments the need for quality signage is also important. Churches, temples and religious sites all share the need for signage that is both permanent and changing. The solid and enduring signs in the form of monuments, plaques and permanent lettering give the patrons of these establishments the security and steadfast feel of the faith they share.

Religious sites have a long history of directing people to and from their places of worship. Way finding signage in the modern world has maintained that role in the use of a huge variety of material and styles to match the look of a church or temple. These way finding signs can direct a churches patrons within the campuses and grounds of their places of worship with style and effectiveness.

Another important aspect of signage in places of faith are the vibrant signs which draw attention and excitement to the annual traditions of the church year. Most holidays and important annual dates stem from our religious beliefs and an excellent tool for this is to use banners or free-standing signs to bring people into the locations for the enrichment of the event.

The most modern and exciting form of church signage is in the form of Virtual Screen LED message boards. This medium allows places of worship to advertise events and messages in a dynamic and unforgettable way both inside and outside of the site. LED boards and screens can also be used in the sanctuaries as a supplement to the worship using images and text. Through permanence in material, directional structure, exciting banners, and dynamic electronic LED signage our churches, temples and places of worship can continue to be an important part of our lives and communities.

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