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Whole Foods Sign Built And Installed By Texas Custom Signs

Solar Power and Monument Style Signs

Project: LED Monument Signs
Client: Whole Foods
Location: Austin, TX

Searching for custom signs in Austin, TX? Here’s a good one.

Recently, we were brought in by Whole Foods to build two monument signs to direct traffic to their parking lot. They’re both very nice looking, custom monument signs. They’re actually even more customized than a “normal” custom sign. First, the “rocks” were rough cut native Texas stone pedestals and monoliths, pulled directly from a Central Texas quarry. The rock’s gorgeous natural look contrasts well with the deep rich color of the sign, which was made from a treated metal – the other extra custom feature.

The metal has a unique coloring treatment effect, which causes the signs to rust. The process is then halted, and the signs are given a finishing coat to preserve the rusted look as it is now. Theses signs capture the rustic, yet modern industrial style that makes Austin unique.

These signs were installed at a new Whole Foods Market location in Austin Texas. The signs are custom illuminated metal signs that have LED inserts, and are powered by Solar Panels. What a great way to save money, and be green!
If you need a custom monument sign, or any other type of sign for your business, give us a call today!

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