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LED Lit Sign Austin Texas
LED lit sign Austin Texas

Spring Cleaning Signs

Now is a Perfect Time for Spring Cleaning your Signs. Just like your house or car, your signs could always benefit from a good spring cleaning. The usual extremes in weather in the latter months can take a toll on outdoor signage.

In the summer months, especially in the southern states, the sun and the heat can warp sign faces, fade colors, even crack medium quality vinyl. You may notice the faces on your pylon sign, channel letters, and even your car wraps may start to fade and discolor.

In the winter, the cold can crack your sign faces. It can even damage bulbs and cause them to go out. Some key points to look out for on damaged or worn out signage:

  • Your white signs faces start to look yellow and colors have started to show signs of fading. This is usually caused by extended exposure to heat and sun. Sign faces can usually be replaced in most cases.
  • Your vinyl letters and graphics are peeling, cracking at the edges, and aren’t as vibrant as they once were. The constant expanding and contracting of vinyl over time will cause your edges to start to peal and sometime cause medium to lower quality vinyls to crack over time. Couple this with long hot summer days and you have a recipe for damaged vinyl graphics.
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