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Double Faced Tape Mount Installation Guide - Small Flat Cut Metal Letters / Logos - Flat, Smooth Interior Surface

3M Double Faced VHB Tape applied to metal letter backs to temporarily hold letters while adhesive sets.

Tools Required: stencil or split stencil guide, level, masking tape, tape measure, cleaning cloth, gloves, adhesive

Letters Studmount 01

1. Clean Mounting Service

Clean and prepare smooth interior mounting surface before starting install.

Tip: Surface MUST be clean, smooth and free of dust or any moisture.

Visit: 3M Industrial Adhesives and Tapes on the web for more information.

Letters Tapemount 02

2. Position and Secure Guide

Use a Stencil Guide for letters under 6″ high.

Use a Split Stencil for 6″ and larger letters.

Layout, level and securely tape your guide flat on mounting surface. Check spelling, spacing and kerning of letters on guide.

Letters Tapemount 03

3. Add Adhesive

Apply adhesive to metal backs — between pieces of VHB tape.

Tip: VHB tape alone should suffice for small letters on a flat smooth surface.

Letters Tapemount 04

4. Install Letters Using Guide

Remove masking from VHB tape and install letters on wall, using guide.
Do NOT press hard on letters yet.

After lightly setting letters on wall, stand back and make sure letters are visually set straight — adjust as needed.

Perform a final check of spelling, spacing and kerning.

Letters Tapemount 05

5. Press Letters to Set

After letters are aligned on wall, remove guide and apply additional pressure to the face of each separate letter.

VHB tape requires pressure to properly set.

Press letters hard with fingers or clean roller to fully set the VHB Tape.

Letters Tapemount 06

6. Clean Letter Faces

Clean off any excess adhesive that may press out of sides.

Carefully clean letter faces with a mild dish soap and water.

Brushed Letters – wipe in direction of letter grain.

Polished – use a soft cloth and polishing compound.

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